FAQ for Customers


1. How do I post a job after registering?

i) Log into your profile, check the correctness of contact details, add information on the vehicle and the required job.

ii) Submit and post the job you demand. Wait for the offers from the required professionals.


2. What if the parameters of my car are not on the list?

You can always choose “Other. I will define myself.” option from the list and input your specifics in the text section below. Photos do always help describe your request more thoroughly.

IMPORTANT: The more detailed your job description is, the most accurate proposals and estimations you will receive from the service providers.


3. How do I know if someone replies with an offer for the job?

You will receive an email notification from us. Also, an icon notification will appear on “Offers From Companies” tab if you log into your profile.  You may find all the offers in “Offers From Companies” tab.

4. What is the next step after I got an offer?

There are three options to respond to an offer:

i) “View Conversation” – initiates a chat for online discussion with the service provider

ii) “Accept” – sends you to a confirmation page and changes the offer status to accepted

iii) “Decline” – changes the offer status to declined


5. Can I edit/modify my job request?

Ongoing jobs could be managed through the “Active request” tab after logging into your profile.


6. Can I repeat my previous job posting?

All previous jobs can be found under the “Old Requests” tab after logging into your profile.


8. How do I choose the right service provider?

Choosing the right provider, consider the following parameters: rating, customer reviews, offered price and discounts, the location on the map.


9. Is your portal mobile friendly?

Our web page easily works in mobile or tablet versions of web browsers.


10. How do I get contacts of the service provider?

Our web page saves you the hustle of contacting every provider one by one, asking the same questions. All you need is to create a request for your need once and get various lucrative offers from the several professionals. Once you select a favorite master, you will be available contact the respective service center. Although, once you use our portal, the need for an additional phone call for negotiation vanishes all alone. All dialogues are conducted through online chat at your job post for your convenience, as your number is not shared with the service providers prior to your acceptance (Forget annoying phone offers!).


11. Am I required to choose one of the offers?

Posting a job does not oblige you to anything. If none of the proposals are of interest, you can cancel or edit the request.


12. Why leave a review on the results of the service?

Your review is mandatory and is the final step of your interaction with the service provider. It takes part in the lowering or raising the status of service centers in the ranking of the best.

Moreover, your review helps the rest of the motorists to decide, to assess the quality of work and make the right choice to repair their cars.






FAQ for Companies


1. How do I register as a service provider?

Please choose the form for registering a company and fill in the required details.


2. What if I decide to change my offered price?

The price of a submitted offer can be modified by pressing “Edit Price” button.


3. How to arrange an agreement between the service provider and CarBuddy.ae?

We strive to simplify the partnership agreement. We consider that signed version of our agreement is enough to offer a contract. All documents can be found in the "www" section.


4. Is your portal mobile friendly?

Our web page easily works in mobile or tablet versions of web browsers.


5. How do I get contacts of the customer?

After responding to the posted job, you will forward your offer details to the vehicle owner. If the car owner has accepted your offer, you can chat in the online mode to negotiate within the framework of the proposal to specify details of the vehicle service. You do not need to call. You can negotiate all the specifics through the chat. After the final choice in your favor, the car owner is given an order confirmation and direction to perform the selected car service at your premises. After that, it all depends on the quality of the work you perform.


6.  How does a customer review your work?

Service providers are ranked and listed based on the reviews left by the customers after receiving the particular service. Positive feedback raises your service in the ratings and allows customers to easily decide in your favor, choosing out of a large number of offers from other car services.


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